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July 31st, 2013, 3:00 am

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The End! :D I really, really enjoyed making this comic with Dean, and we're both proud of it. Did you guys enjoy it? Let us know in the comments!
Lyco, July 31st, 2013, 2:38 pm Reply
Advertisement, August 18th, 2019, 1:16 pm Reply
And that's Dis/Engage! I've had a blast writing this, so I hope that came through. I sincerely wish I could write more about them, their world and Luis's & Ice Queen's love.

In the meantime, thank you very much for reading! Remember: you don't have to be super to fall in love, but love can make you super.
Dean McKnight, July 31st, 2013, 2:47 pm Reply

OK, so i have several things to say abut thisa comic

first of all, visually, it was , just, STUNNING. it was just real eyecandy, so appealing to look at, the colourschemes and shinyness were really nice to look at, and really work well with jades style, whilst remaining true to a kind of super-hero esque style!

the story was so incredibly sweet ;w; I think hwat i liked most aobut this was the fact it was self contained; and yet the dialogue and expressions just gave these characters so much.,..character!! it works absolutely beauitfuly as a short peice, there's enough here to be satisfied with the ending, i feel it forfills the meaning it was getting at, i liked that they broke super hero stereotypes. but i also feel there could be more stories written aoibut the characters, as in, the characters were so strong i want to know more aobut them!! but as a short, it wasn't non sensical or badly paced. it was like a really nice, delicate bit of prose

yep those are my badly written tohughts, real real beautful job guys ;w;~
@MirrorVision: Short but sweet is often the best! Thanks so much for reading.
@3o-s-knight: I'm so happy the colours and shinyness and artwork in general were good! :D And I agree that it wouldn't be a bad thing to see more of these characters haha. They may play on the superhero tropes and types but they certainly break the mould too!
Aw it was a lovely comic- I'm amazed how much atmosphere, character development, build up and pacing you managed to squeeze into just a small story! A very good example of how a short can have just as much emotional build up and sentiment as longer stories if paced in the right way.
@Theorah: Thank you! I'm sure Dean would be happy to hear his script did all those things so well! I'm happy I got to illustrate such a well paced story. Also, thanks for your comment on the previous page about the cityscapes, I worked hard on those XD
@Theorah: @3o-s-knight: Aaaaaaah thank you guys! Your praise means a lot from such gifted comickers as yourselves. I feel so accomplished knowing that I made a good comic despite all the limits I had. Thank you guys so much for reading it and giving your thoughts. Hopefully this will lead to greater things..!
Man, this story was amazing... you guys gonna work on anything else?! D: I'd love to read more from you guys.
@Dave_Kun: Thank you so much, we're glad you enjoyed it. A bunch of our other short comics can be read here: Most of them are around 4-8 pages :)
AHHHH this was so sweet <3

not like you're average superhero comic, in fact it was much better.

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